Interview with Brookfield Central Junior Standout, Carl Hirsch


Runner Profile: 

Interview with Brookfield Central Junior Standout, Carl Hirsch. Carl was 5th at the Wisconsin D1 State Meet in 15:50 and had the 2nd fastest 3200 Meter Run in the State this spring.


What got you into running? 

I was part of my grade school's first track and cross country team and have been running ever since then (although my success my freshman year is what really kicked it off).

What has been the highlight of your short high school running career up until now?

Highlight of my running career was Eagle Invite, when I ran my PR of 15:37 against Sandvold and Meister.

If you could run for any college you wanted, which one would you choose?

I'm not sure what college I'd like to run for. Purdue, Marquette, and Madison all have decent engineering programs which is what I'd like to go into. But I'm still exploring what's out there.

What is your favorite pre-race meal?

Favorite meal depends on what time I'm running. I don't like to break my routine. If it's in the morning I stick to my usual breakfast of oatmeal and tea. Otherwise if it's later, I'll put back some easy-to-digest carbs like rolls or white bread or pretzels.

What is one thing you wish you knew about running before you started?

One thing I wish I knew before I started was how much the mileage in the off-season can pay off. (Although most serious runners learn this early on.)

What is one song on your iPod that people wouldn't expect to be there?

I actually don't have an iPod, and usually just take a nap before meets.

And finally, what is one thing you like doing alot other than running?

Other than running, I enjoy just hanging out with friends, playing ultimate frisbee and that sort of thing.