Top WI Marks/Time and Their 2024 National Rank


2024 has been a standout year for Wisconsin's track and field athletes, with remarkable performances that have not only dominated the state but also garnered national attention. Let's take a closer look at the top marks and times achieved by Wisconsin athletes this year, highlighting their impressive achievements and current national rankings.

It's the throwers leading the way for the Wisconsin boys with Ben Smith and Bryce Ruland continuing their impressive high school careers and for the ladies. 

Top WI Boys Marks/Times | National Rank

EventAthlete/TeamMark/TimeNational Rank
100mLandon Gallun10.60T-92nd
200mAddison Uddin21.55T-128th
400mCayden Brandenburg47.69T-86th
800mParker Dewey1:52.6855th
1600mManny Putz4:13.17154th
1 MileGrady Lenn4:19.38228th
3200mGrady Lenn9:00.3097th
110m HurdlesBlake Postler14.63T-199th
300m HurdlesBlake Postler38.14T-101st
4x400mChippewa Falls3:22.11351st
4x800mGreen Bay Preble7:58.05150th
Shot PutBen Smith75' 1"2nd
DiscusBryce Ruland210' 10"1st
Long JumpSam Wegener23' 3.75"T-42nd
Triple JumpChauncey Jackson47' 8"T-20th
High JumpBrady Hoffer6' 7"T-179th
Pole VaultKaden Rambatt16' 1"T-37th

Top WI Girls Marks/Times | National Rank

EventAthlete/TeamMark/TimeNational Rank
100mDanika Apple12.02T-183rd
200mAnnabelle Coudron24.92T-285th
400mTaylor Thimmesch56.98397th
800mCharlize-Trinity McKenzie2:12.31115th
1600mAutumn Michalski4:54.98124th
1 MileAnnie Robinson5:26.99T-742nd
3200mCiara Hartman10:39.28142nd
100m HurdlesElletta Uddin14.76T-180th
300m HurdlesRegan Scott45.13T-331st
Shot PutLily Rogers43' 6"T-93rd
DiscusAnna Giannopoulos165' 6"T-10th
Long JumpMackenzie Wissbroecker19' 3"T-24th
Triple JumpAnisa Barnett39' 7.25"T-30th
High JumpAllyson Armstrong5' 7"T-79th
Pole VaultCasidi Pehler12' 6"T-54th