Molly Seidel runs a gutsy Foot Locker Nationals and WINS!


(photos courtesy of Don Rich)

Molly Seidel of University Lake Schools wins by 2 seconds the Foot Locker Nationals. Running a gutsy race and not taking the lead until nearly 14 minutes into the race, Seidel continued to match step-for-step with Michigan runner, Erin Finn. Molly beat Finn by 26 seconds at the Midwest Regional in Kenosha, WI just two weeks earlier. This time, Finn laid it all on the line rolling through the mile-mark in 5:10 (with a several second lead) and then reached the two-mile mark in 11:18. 

Seidel gained the lead only to be overtook by Finn until just before the 3-mile due to Finn's strong downhill surge. To Seidel's credit, she stayed poised and used her strength on the uphill to lead a final surge and win by two seconds. With this win after running 4k distances all Fall, Seidel impressively proved that she can step up when on a national platform and proved without a doubt that 5k is indeed her distance.

Congrats to a remarkable season, Molly.