Hale Distance Night 2024

The fourth annual Hale Distance Night is set to take place on Friday, April 26th!  The registration deadline is this Sunday, April 21st at midnight.   Final heats and accepted entries will be released after the deadline.  Below are the minimum standards to be met when considering entering athletes,

EventMinimum Entry Standard
Women's Frosh 16005:55 (and over 5:20, otherwise enter in 1600 race)
Men's Frosh 16005:15 (Sub 5 guaranteed entry, will cap at appropriate number)
Women's 16005:30
Men's 16004:35
Women's 8002:26
Men's 8002:02
Women's 320012:00
Men's 320010:00

Current Records

EventAthleteTimeYear Set
Men's Frosh 1600Charlie Cary - Marquette4:35.152023
Women's 800Charlize-Trinity McKenzie - Cedarburg2:14.592023
Men's 800Yordanos Zelinski - Oregon1:51.092022
Women's 1600Mackenzie Babcock - Monona Grove4:51.562021
Men's 1600Aidan Manning - Verona4:16.982021
Women's 3200Ella Anschutz - Muskego10:32.182023
Men's 3200Joshua Truchon - Hale8:44.362021

Information for the event can be found on the event page Hale Distance Night Website