Milwaukee Speed Academy Team Breaks WI Indoor 4x200m Record


The Milwaukee Speed Academy boys' team consisting of Nolan Anderson, Mason Kelley, Landon Gallun, and Kevin Johnikin competed at the Louisville Indoor Games in Kentucky, and broke the Wisconsin state indoor record, running a time of 1:26.83. 

The team held a lead for the first two legs of the race until they went into the last leg of the race tied with the ATA Ignite team from Indianapolis and barely held them off at the line beating them by 0.02 seconds. 

They beat their previous best time of 1:28.24 from the CYUP Misfits Invitational earlier this season and have already crushed the previous state record of 1:31.25 by the Bay Port boys from the 2022-23 season. 

Top 5 WI Boys Indoor 4x200m Times - All-Time

Milwaukee Speed Academy
Bay Port
Wings of Glory
Rice Lake
Waukesha North

Their time of 1:26.83 currently ranks as the #5 time in the nation and one of the fastest times outside the VA Showcase this season. 

Top 5 Boys 4x200m Indoor Times (2023-24)


The record-breaking Milwaukee Speed Academy team contains some of the best sprinters in Wisconsin in Landon Gallun, Nolan Anderson, Mason Kelley, and Kevin Johnikin. Anderson and Gallun are both among the top ten 100m returners for this outdoor season and Anderson/Gallun/Kelley are all top ten returners in the 200m. 

Personal Best Outdoor Times

100mLandon Gallun10.70
100mNolan Anderson10.88
100mMason Kelley11.74
100mKevin Johnikin11.30
200mLandon Gallun22.06
200mNolan Anderson21.94
200mMason Kelley22.04
200mKevin Johnikin22.71

All four boys are among the best sprinters in Wisconsin this indoor season, with Landon Gallun ranking #1 in the 60m and 200m, Kelley ranking #8 in the 100m and #3 in the 200m, Anderson ranking #2 in the 200m and Johnikin ranking #5 in the 200m. 

The only questions they have to answer now is how fast they can go in the 4x200m, how they will fare at nationals, and how they will all individually do the rest of the indoor season.